Brendan Fraser has filed suit in Superior Court in Santa Monica against producer Todd Moyer over a planned movie about William Tell. Arclight Pictures approached Fraser in early 2011 about starring in William Tell … The Legend 3D. According to the suit, after Fraser became attached to star, Moyer took over development of the movie. Fraser contends that subsequently Moyer assured him that principal photography would begin by October 11, and as a result Fraser turned down other offers. Meanwhile, the suit alleges, Moyer and Fraser agreed the script was too “dark and serious” and needed a substantial amount of work to transform the project into a family-friendly action adventure. At Fraser’s suggestion Moyer hired Eric Brevig, who directed Fraser in Journey To The Center Of the Earth. Moyer also used Fraser’s involvement to attempt to raise financing for the project, the suit continues, but movie never advanced to production. Fraser’s suit contends Moyer never had sufficient financing and he either refused to sign agreements or alienated potential investors.

The suit says Fraser received a written agreement dated November 30, 2011 to remain involved and he continued to turn down other roles. Fraser was to receive fixed compensation of $2.25 million with 10% paid as a hold fee with the balance to be deposited in escrow with Fraser’s agency CAA. According to the suit, Moyer continued to delay or stall the start of production and has failed to deposit the balance of Fraser’s fixed fee with CAA.

Alleging breach of contract and fraud, Fraser’s suit seeks a minimum of $3 million in compensatory damages plus punitive and exemplary damages to be determined by a jury trial.