Brave Premiere Dolby TheaterDisney/Pixar’s Brave is set to mark the grand opening of the newly named Dolby Theatre on June 18 when it has its world premiere at the Oscars‘ Hollywood & Highland home. But Dolby’s new sound technology to enhance the 3D animated film might not make it in time. The company said at CinemaCon this year that Brave would be the first feature film test-mixed in its newly announced “life-like sensory experience” Dolby Atmos technology. Now it is racing to make sure they can make the premiere deadline. “The team is in the studio working hard to get this done now. We have every intent to have the mix complete in Dolby Atmos and Dolby 3D for the Brave premiere on the 18th of June. If it isn’t, the world premiere will be in Dolby 3D and Dolby® Surround 7.1,” a Dolby spokesperson told Deadline. (Update: An insider tells Deadline that Disney/Pixar has to sign off on the Brave Dolby Atmos mix once it’s done) Brave would be the first feature film to utilize Dolby Atmos technology.

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The announcement that Brave would open the Dolby comes less than three weeks after, as Deadline told you first, Dolby took over the former Kodak Theatre. Kodak relinquished its sponsorship lease after filing for bankruptcy in January. Dolby said on May 1 that it would begin upgrading the 180,000-square-foot theatre with their latest technology almost immediately. Its 20-year deal with property owners CIM is contingent on the Oscars remaining at the venue. Not that they look to be moving — the Academy also signed a 20-year deal with CIM on May 1.

The Brave premiere is part of the Los Angeles Film Festival. Brave opens nationwide on June 22.