Warner Bros. has become the first major TV studio to launch a comprehensive, studio-branded exhibit at the Paley Center for Media. The presentation, which will run for the next three years at the center’s Beverly Hills location, features props, costumes, original animation art and more from over 60 Warner Bros.-produced series during the studio’s almost 60-year history. That includes a replica of the Central Perk set from Friends, a Monk’s Diner booth from Seinfeld (Warner Bros. owns Seinfeld producer Castle Rock), Daisy Duke’s actual daisy dukes, the President’s podium from The West Wing, the badges of the doctors from ER, a Roots script with handwritten suggestions from author Alex Haley to producer Stan Margulies and Tony Soprano’s robe from The Sopranos (HBO is a Warner Bros. corporate sibling). Talent and producers from former and current Warner Bros. series as well as former and current top Warner Bros. executives turned up for the exhibit’s opening on Thursday night. Warner Bros. Chairman & CEO Barry Meyer got in the spirit, posing as the U.S. president and signature DC/Warner Bros. character Superman. And, in a rare public appearance, Seinfeld star Michael Richards returned to Monk’s Diner.