Lionsgate ExecutivesEXCLUSIVE: One of the biggest question marks since Lionsgate merged with Summit has been what would happen to their two veteran marketing heads, Tim Palen and Nancy Kirkpatrick. So here’s what’s been decided because the two companies have a big slate of films coming: Tim Palen has just been given a new long-term deal as Chief Marketing Officer at Tim Palen Nancy Kirkpatrick Lionsgate SummitLionsgate, which is the title he already holds. And Summit’s President of Worldwide Marketing Nancy Kirkpatrick will continue in her role. Included on their individual plates are more Hunger Games films for Lionsgate as well the finale of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part 2, for Summit. I think it’s a smart decision to keep the two marketing groups especially since the two labels are still separate for now and the forseeable future, if for no other reasons than you’d hate to see either of these two pros go to the competition. And if the two labels ever become one, then Palen and Kirkpatrick should have a Fight Club brawl — and I’ll be there to watch.

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