Warner Bros told me it has no comment. And Rabbi Marvin Hier has publicly expressed opposition to Mel Gibson taking on this movie about Jewish hero Judah Maccabee ever since it was announced last fall. But, tonight, Hier’s LA-based Simon Wiesenthal Center issued this call to the studio:

In view of the outrageous anti-Semitic and bigoted statements recounted in Joe Eszterhas’ letter to Mel Gibson, the Simon Wiesenthal Center calls upon Warner Brothers (or any other studio) to permanently shelve the Maccabee project as long as Mel Gibson is associated with the film. “It would be an insult to Jews and a desecration to the memory of the victims of the Holocaust to go forward with the Maccabee project,” said Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder and dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

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