Serenity Media Group announced today that it is establishing a $150 million film fund in cooperation with China Lion Culture Media Co. Ltd., in an unprecedented effort to bridge the film industries in Hollywood and China. The two parties will work closely to produce two to four Sino-US co-production films each year.

We are looking for partners to co-produce and co-finance projects with global box office potential. Working in partnership with Mr. Jiang, the Co-Founder of China Lion, will enable us to build a stronger and more creative relationship with Huayi Bros and Bona Films, shareholders of China Lion.

Serenity Media Group, Inc. is a global entertainment company devoted to producing to high quality film, TV and digital media projects that will uplift inspire and spread positivity worldwide. Serenity is only interested in “unique and distinctive” stories that aren’t the average run-of-the-mill, but rather character driven journeys with meaning that will provoke that a thought in the audience’s minds.

Next up for Serenity in partnership with Permut Presentations is the feature film, Without a Badge. Serenity has four other projects currently in development.

Mr. Jiang is the Co-Founder and largest shareholder of China Lion and currently holds the title of President of the prestigious China Lion North America Distribution Co. and has over 30 years experience in China’s film industry. He co-founded China Lion Culture Media Co. Ltd. with Huayi Brothers Media Group and subsequently expanded to North America, Australia, and New Zealand in 2010. China Lion received investments from two of China’s most respected and largest publicly traded film companies, Huayi Brothers and Bona Films in November of 2011, in order to expand its operations in North America and undertake extraordinary co-production projects with American filmmakers.
Christie Hsiao is Founder, President, and CEO of Serenity Media Group, Inc. It is her vision to create quality entertainment that is uplifting, international in scope, and that catalyzes change. Ms. Hsiao believes in the unique power of story to raise awareness and to compel societal transformation. She serves as creative director for all of Serenity’s projects, as well as overseeing all aspects of Serenity’s marketing strategy, business development, continuance and growth. After a mere six years in Hollywood, Hsiao is being sought after by the biggest executives in the industry.
The specific combination of CEO Christie Hsiao’s American business sensibility and strong working relations in Asian film industries combine to uniquely position Serenity Media Group as a bicultural conduit between Asian and America markets.