The former GOP VP candidate tore into Hollywood — including comedian Bill Maher and HBO’s movie about the 2008 presidential campaign, Game Change — but showed some affection for Oprah Winfrey and Tina Fey on the Today Show’s “Today’s Professionals” panel discussion segment this morning. Asked about Winfrey’s admission yesterday that she failed to appreciate how hard it would be to launch her struggling OWN network, Palin said “more power to Oprah for getting out there, showing the guts, showing the grit that it takes to succeed. ….She is representing what makes America great. You have opportunity to succeed and to fail and to keep trying again.” Palin didn’t raise her hand when host Matt Lauer asked panel members to do so if they thought that Winfrey would be able to fix OWN. But she added that she thinks the channel is “going to be around. She should get some conservatives on the show, some patriots.” On the subject of whether it’s fair to criticize actress Jessica Simpson for the weight she’s gained during her pregnancy, Palin said that it only became an issue because “the Hollywood image is full of itty bitty people — unrealistically tiny.” Palin blasted a Facebook app that enables members to list their enemies. “It’s all about tearing people down. Hurting people. I don’t see anything positive, anything good about this.” The panel wondered whether politicians are also guilty for spreading venom. “It’s not just the political arena,” said Palin. “Look at the Bill Mahers of the world….In the entertainment business –there’s power in people’s words, we know that.” What about politicians who campaign for “anybody but Obama”?  “I don’t think saying ‘anybody but Obama’ is such a negative thing because it opens the door to talking about positive solutions that I would like to talk more about.” Lauer asked about the planned movie about Steve Jobs that will star Ashton Kutcher. That seemed to strike a nerve with Palin. “Do any of you here have experience with people being paid a lot of money to pretend like they’re you?” in an obvious reference to Julianne Moore’s portrayal of her in Game Change. “I didn’t see the movie… wouldn’t want to waste my time on a false narrative.” She added, though, that Tina Fey has been “pretty clever.”