Low ratings be damned — cult favorite Fringe will finish its multi-universe journey with a 13-episode final season. As expected, Fox has closed a deal to renew the sci-fi drama for a fifth season. While a dismal ratings performer in live viewing, Fringe has been a big DVR gainer and a favorite of critics as well as Fox brass. “Fringe has been a point of pride for me, I share the fans’ passion for the show,” Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly said in January at TCA, where he also made it clear that a renewal hinged on renegotiating the deal with producing studio Warner Bros TV and J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot at a lower license fee. “We lose a lot of money on the show,” Reilly said. “We are not in the business of losing money, so we’re trying to figure out if there a number at which we can continue with the series.” After lengthy negotiations over the past couple of months, the two sides came to an agreement, giving the show and its fans a proper ending. “We are thrilled and beyond grateful that Fox – and our fans – have made the impossible possible: Fringe will continue into a fifth season that will allow the series to conclude in a wild and thrilling way,” series co-creator/executive producer JJ Abrams said. Here is a trailer for Fringe‘s upcoming Season 5: