Mark Burnett, who teamed with Sarah Palin for the highly-rated Sarah Palin’s Alaska on TLC, is back with another reality series set in Alaska, this time producing solo and for TLC’s sister channel Discovery. The series, Mark Burnett’s Alaska, will depict “the colorful people, amazing history and unforgettable places” of Alaska, the network said. This was one of four new series Discovery Channel will unveil at this afternoon’s Discovery Communications upfront presentation. With so much business in Alaska, Discovery Channel should probably open an office there — Mark Burnett’s Alaska joins returning series Deadliest Catch, Gold Rush, Bering Sea Gold, Flying Wild Alaska and Alaska: The Final Frontier, all set in the Northern state. Discovery’s other new series include One Car Too Far, featuring a former British Special Forces operative and an American car junkie dropped into the wilderness with a regular small car they have to turn into all-purpose and fund their way out, Fast And Laud, about mechanics restoring classic cars, and previously announced Top Engineer, a search for America’s brightest, boldest, out-of-the-box thinkers. The channel’s new specials include Robert Redford’s recently announced All The President’s Men Revisited, History of The World and programs about Amelia Earhart and Osama bin Laden.

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Here’s a look at some of the offerings on other channels that Discovery owns:

— TLC says that it will have more than 55 series. Newcomers include American Wifestyles (an anthology about the roles wives play in different families), Bates Family Series (a look at a Tennessee family with 19 children), Big Brooklyn Style (a docu-soap about a designer of plus-sized clothing), Mama’s Boys Of The Bronx (an eight-part series about five men who live with their mothers), and Tattoo School (students in Louisiana at the only school for the skin-decorating art).

— Animal Planet will bring back 13 series. Its new shows include Fish America (professional wrestler Showtime Eric Young seeks to catch the ultimate fish), Glory Hounds (a look at the work of military dogs), Rhino Wars (former U.S. Special Forces ops who try to stop rhino poachers), Treehouse Men (a group that’s hired to build treehouses in forests near Seattle), and Top Hooker (competitions between teams of fishers).

— Investigation Discovery will add 12 series to the 22 that are returning. The group includes Frenemies: BFFs Gone Bad (confrontations between good friends who had a falling out), Wives with Knives (stories about women who fight at close range), and Murder In Paradise (idyllic vacations gone bad).

— Science will introduce This Changes Everything (actor James Woods hosts a look at life altering ideas and discoveries)  and How The Earth Works (questions facing earth scientists).

— Discovery Fit & Health will offer High School Moms (a Colorado high school for teens who are pregnant or new Moms) and If They Were My Kids (siblings with different parenting styles take care of each other’s kids).

— Military Channel will premiere The Brokaw Files (Tom Brokaw revisits his stories from NBC News), and Commander In Chief  (untold stories about presidential military decisions).

— Destination America, the revamped version of Planet Green, will have Fast Food Mania (exploring the often overlooked cuisine) and Cheating Las Vegas (a look at gambling scams).