EXCLUSIVE: The exodus from CAA just keeps continuing. Recent months have seen the departures of CAA agents Rand Holston, Mike Nilon, Jessica Matthews and Shari Smiley in November. Then Dan Aloni’s firing in February. Peter Loehr’s announced departure in March along with Ara Keshisian’s quiet leaving and landing a job at Inferno Entertainment. And Byrdie Lifson Pompan’s life change last week. Now sources tell me that talent agents Isabella Brewster (younger sister of actress Jordana Brewster) and Jeff Speich (Antonio Banderas, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Robin Wright Penn) are leaving CAA. Meanwhile I can tell you to expect more terminations soon. What’s happening is a combination of overhead reductions, investor pressures, and morale problems — most of which are affecting every major agency right now. It’s not easy being a tenpercenter in this do-more-with-less Hollywood economy. CAA used to be able to place its outgoing agents in cushy industry jobs. But that’s not possible any longer.

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