Amazon Studios says that its controversial movie production effort, launched in 2010, has 15 projects in development — and new rules to make it easier for writers to submit scripts. “We’re eager to get movies made and we look forward to seeing the best work that writers have to offer,” Amazon Studios Director Roy Price said on the company’s blog. “This is why we have an open door.” Amazon said that it will pay up to $33,000 for rewrites of two films in its top 15: There’s 12 Princesses, about a farm boy who enters a magical underground world to save a princess from her 11 sisters and a diabolical fairy queen. In February Amazon awarded 12 Princesses a $1M grand prize for being its Best Test Movie. The online retailer also wants additional work on I Think My Facebook Friend is Dead, about an agoraphobic boy who has a crush on a girl he only knows via Facebook but gathers his pals to help save her when she’s missing. Here are summaries of all 15 movies that most interest Amazon Studios.

In addition, Amazon promises to evaluate original scripts within 45 days after they’re submitted and, for the ones it likes, pay up to $10,000 to extend its initial option for 18 months and add the project to the Development Slate. Writers of rejected scripts can choose to have them posted so others can critique them. Here are some of the other rules and conditions. Amazon announced its movie-making plans, and an output deal with Warner Bros, in 2010. The company says that since then it has featured 700 test movies and 7,000 scripts, and awarded more than $1.9M. But some Hollywood writers warned aspiring screenwriters that the program could restrict their copyright and authorship rights.