The government body is expanding on its existing investigation into whether BSkyB’s deals with major Hollywood studios give it too much power in pay TV, The Guardian reports. Regulators have already provisionally determined that those deals are too restrictive and need to be changed to promote competition. But today they said that they would extend their review to July to consider whether the recently launched streaming services there from Netflix and Amazon’s LoveFilm change the business dynamic. BSkyB says it plans to introduce its own Web streaming service called Sky Movies. “We recognised in our provisional findings that, were developments in the market to occur, it would be necessary to take them into account before reaching our final views,” the Commission said. Specifically, it asked for comments on whether the Netflix and LoveFilm can be considered a “substitute for traditional pay-TV services and Sky Movies.” It also wants to know whether, with the streaming services in the market, Sky Movies and pay TV are “likely to remain as significant to consumers in choosing their pay-TV retailer.”