SAG Pension & Health FundMARCH 15TH UPDATE: New info reaching me is that this visit took place on Wednesday, March 7th, and not on Friday, March 9th, as I’d previously reported. EXCLUSIVE: Feds Formally Investigating Allegations Of SAG Pension & Health Plan’s Pair Of Embezzlements And Cover-Ups

EXCLUSIVE: SAG sources tell me that federal government agencies “raided” the SAG Pension & Health Plan offices last Wednesday Friday. Unmarked cars arrived around 5 PM, stayed for five hours and left with several dozen boxes. Insiders believe the feds were either FBI or Department of Justice. All, including the Department of Labor and the Securities and Exchange Commission, had been contacted regarding the alleged embezelment claims surrounding SAG’s P&H Plan and the Craig Simmons filings. It now looks like this entire matter is being investigated by federal officials. I’ve asked SAG for confirmation, but on matters of the P&H Plan the guild normally points out that it’s separate from the union. I’m out of town but will have more on this Wednesday.

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