Rush Limbaugh ApologyThe exodus from Rush Limbaugh‘s syndicated radio show didn’t seem to slow today following his apology for calling Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute.” He made the comments last week after she urged Congress to require employer health insurance plans to cover contraception. The number of advertisers who’ve said that they’re withdrawing their support for the show rose to 35 according to a count by the politically progressive Web site Think Progress. The list now includes AccuQuote Life Insurance, Service Magic, PolyCom, Hadeed Carpet, Thompson Creek, and St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Connecticut. In addition, two radio stations have dropped Limbaugh: KPUA  in Hilo, Hawaii and WBEC in Pittsfield, Mass. WBEC said that it would stop carrying the show beginning March 15 because “Rush’s defamatory and disparaging remarks about Ms. Fluke clearly violated the standards we have set for our stations.” Clear Channel’s Premiere Networks, which syndicates Limbaugh, said that “in an attempt at absurdist humor to illustrate his political point, Mr. Limbaugh used words that unfortunately distracted from the message he was trying to convey.” It added that he “did the right thing” by offering “his sincere and heartfelt apology to Ms. Fluke.” Bloomberg commentator Michael Kinsley says though, that “the self-righteous parade out the door by Limbaugh’s advertisers is hard to stomach. Had they never listened to Rush before, in all the years they had been paying for commercials on his show? His sliming of a barely known law student may be a new low… but it’s not a huge gap” from criticisms that he has made about well  known people including Nancy Pelosi and Michelle Obama.