Tonino Guerra DeadScreenwriter and poet Tonino Guerra, a longtime collaborator of Federico Fellini and Michelangelo Antonioni, died today in his native Italy. He was 92. The three-time Oscar nominee co-wrote with Fellini Amercord, which won the 1974 Foreign Language Film Academy Award, among his more than 100 screenplays during a nearly 60-year career. His other Oscar-nommed scripts were Antonioni’s Blow Up in 1967 and Mario Monicelli’s Casanova 70 in 1966. Guerra also shared the Best Screenplay award at Cannes in 1984 for The Voyage To Cythera. “Tonino, who is closer to me, is a poet who writes in dialect,” Antonioni wrote in a published collection of Guerra’s screenplays. The director said they “have long and violent arguments” which “makes him all the more helpful.”

(Photo: Getty Images)