Andrew Breitbart DeadThe conservative Internet publisher died “unexpectedly from natural causes shortly after midnight this morning in Los Angeles,” according to his site Big Journalism. He was 43. Breitbart was an editor for The Drudge Report before he teamed up with Arianna Huffington to help launch The Huffington Post. He became well known, though, for his often controversial views about Washington and Hollywood which he expressed in his writings, TV appearances, and speeches. His web site Big Hollywood, launched in 2008, became a rallying point for conservatives in the entertainment industry. His Big Journalism site, created in 2010, was the first to publish the sexually charged photo that former New York Rep. Anthony Weiner took of himself and distributed on Twitter — which led last year to his resignation from Congress. Breitbart also supported efforts by activist James O’Keefe to stage encounters with employees of organizations including ACORN and NPR, and secretly film them making what appeared to be embarrassing comments. In many of the cases, follow up investigations found that the videos distributed on Breitbart’s sites had been edited in ways that distorted the facts of the situation.