Armed thugs spread violence Friday in Mexico’s second largest city, causing minor disruptions at the Guadalajara International Film Festival, which closes out Saturday. Gangs commandeered 11 vehicles in the Guadalajara metropolitan zone as well as more in surrounding areas, according to Guadalajara Reporter. One man died in one of the incidents, but it was unclear if he belonged to one of the armed groups.

An attendee at the festival told Deadline that despite the “disruptive and unfortunately deadly incidents” in Guadalajara, all of the festival’s guests were fine and the festival is proceeding with its scheduled events. “Celebrating the arts and showing no fear is the best way to manifest against the non-sense violence,” our source told Deadline. It is believed the violence were reprisals for several recent arrests of a drug cartel leader and his second in command. British director Mike Leigh and actor Andy Garcia were among the high profile guests at the 27th Guadalajara International Film Festival. Leigh’s All A Life screened opening night last Saturday. The 27th Guadalajara International Film Festival screened 117 features and shorts.