Do the movie studios which make up the MPAA realize that Chris Dodd is now part of non-member The Weinstein Company’s publicity machine? First there was Harvey Weinstein’s PR offense over the MPAA’s refusal to change the rating for The Weinstein Company documentary Bully from an R to a PG-13. Then at the Oscars the MPAA chief and Harvey Weinstein were seen hugging it out. Now Dodd, Weinstein and the film’s director Lee Hirsch will come together for a screening and panel discussion. Joining the group Thursday March 15th in Washington DC will be Kaya Henderson, the D.C. public schools chancellor. I’m not trying to say that bullying isn’t an awful problem or the MPAA isn’t wrong in its rating. But looks like Weinstein once again will get free publicity for one of his films — and how many actual MPAA members wouldn’t love that for their pics.