Anger Management Charlie Sheen FXThe Today show’s interview with Charlie Sheen this morning offered first glimpse at his new sitcom, FX’s Anger Management which premieres June 28. Two images from the set of the show flashed during the interview: one featuring Sheen, who plays a troubled anger management therapist, and Selma Blair, who plays his own therapist; and one with Sheen and Shawnee Smith, who plays his ex-wife, in a kitchen setting. During the interview, Sheen said he had planned to do a documentary chronicling his meltdown last spring with video material from his Torpedo Of Truth tour and the events that preceded it but ruled against it after finding the footage “cringeable.” Charlie Sheen TodaySheen said “I didn’t recognize part of who that was,” adding that the material could make for “a nice case study one day.”

Sheen admitted he still has “a little bit of bitterness” toward the show that fired him, Two And A Half Men. He didn’t launch a full-blown insult on the CBS sitcom as he recently did (Sheen ended up apologizing to his replacement Ashton Kutcher), opting for a more subtle jab. “I just wish they’d taken better care of the child left behind,” he said. As for Men bringing back his character as a ghost played by Kathy Bates, “I was honored, that’s not supposed to be an insult, they missed.”

Sheen revealed that he doesn’t have to undergo random drug testing on Anger Management “unless something obvious happens, I come in covered in blood, somebody else’s blood,” but admitted that there is a standard morals clause in his contract. “They’re getting pretty serious about it,” he said. “There’s so much money at stake, I don’t blame them.” Sheen also said that he gave the cast and crew assurances that he would be on his best behavior in a comedic speech on the first day of shooting. “So far eight days (on Anger Management) was more fun than eight years (on Men), he said. My favorite exchange from Matt Lauer’s interview:

Lauer: “Is it weird to have looked back and experience what seems like an out-of-body experience?”

Sheen: “Yeah, yeah. I just wish it was somebody else’s body.” Here is the full interview: