Ellen DeGeneres, JC PenneyThe pro-family advocacy group One Million Moms has apparently halted its ill-advised attempt to pressure JC Penney to drop comedienne and talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres as its spokeswoman. The group’s director, Monica Cole, told the website OneNewsNow that her group has other fish to fry and is moving on, even though she still advocates they not shop there. I say, good for JC Penney, and I’ll make it a point to shop there. DeGeneres is a fine role model who had the courage to come out and be honest about her sexuality, and obviously a big part of that was to help teenagers facing the same struggle. DeGeneres has never been defined by her sexuality, in my view. The idea that a group of mothers could be that intolerant and spread such misguided hate-mongering is appalling in the 21st century. Is the sentiment symbolically that much different from the 1960s, when hatred and bigotry was directed to those with different skin color, and fire hoses and police dogs met protesters simply looking for some meaning to the phrase “all men are created equal?”