The Independent Film & Television Alliance (IFTA) will bring together top producers with finance, distribution and digital marketing experts for the 13th annual IFTA Production Conference on Friday, April 20, entitled “Cost Isn’t An Obstacle Anymore! New Avenues to Finance, Produce & Distribute Films at Any Budget.”  The conference will take place from 9:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. at the Four Seasons Hotel (300 South Doheny Drive, Los Angeles), announced IFTA President-CEO Jean Prewitt and moderator Pierre David, Chairman-CEO of Imagination Worldwide and Chairman of the IFTA Producers Committee.

Presenting this year’s keynote address is acclaimed independent filmmaker Eli Roth, writer, producer and director of the worldwide hits Cabin Fever and Hostel and producer of The Last Exorcism, all made for between $1.5 and $4 million.

To bring greater depth to the topic and set the stage for the panel discussion, digital marketing and social media expert Damian Hagger, Co-Founder & Executive Producer, 6StringMedia, Inc., will present unique campaign elements and opportunities for lower budget films, including websites, apps and the use of social media to build awareness and engage audiences. The company has worked with independent companies such as Millennium Entertainment and Anchor Bay.

The panel, moderated by Pierre David, will center on how the availability of commercial distribution opportunities for films at any budget level is changing as the industry embraces an explosion of new and unconventional resources for financing, producing and distributing independent films.   Producers leading the charge come together with finance and distribution experts to discuss where the money is, what distributors are looking for, making the most out of your budget and how these new tools and prospects are redefining the film business

Panelists include Michael Arrieta, CEO of Big Air Studios and former EVP of Sony Pictures; Adam Chapnick, Principal / Business Development,; Rich Goldberg, President of Arc Entertainment; David Rimawi, Partner/Sales & Distribution, The Asylum;  Hal Sadoff, Film Packaging & Finance Expert & Consultant and Executive Producer, Hotel Rwanda; Travis Stevens, Founder, Snowfort Pictures (A Horrible Way To Die, The Thompsons); and Rob Weston, Managing Director, Straightwire Films Limited, among others.

“More and more, we’re seeing smaller budget films gaining increased opportunities and credibility exemplified by the fact that they are becoming more commercially attractive to mainstream sales outlets, financers and distributors,” Prewitt said.  “Filmmakers are also becoming increasingly savvy about the growing opportunities for unique financing models, marketing hooks and what audiences want.  This year’s conference shines a light on producers who have broken through and what it takes to make your film viable for representation, distribution and worldwide success.”

Tickets are available online now at for $90; $60 for IFTA members.