Ray Richmond contributes to Deadline’s TV coverage.

Kurt Sutter, the colorful and unfiltered creator/showrunner of the FX flagship drama series Sons of Anarchy, told an audience attending a PaleyFest event at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills this evening that he is still very much committed to doing an SOA prequel series after the mothership series wraps. Of course, that won’t be happening any time soon, given that Sutter just last month signed a three-year deal to take the biker soap through at least six and most likely seven seasons. Tonight, he replied to an audience member’s question about the prequel idea by saying, “I had this notion of wanting to explore the first nine. I see it as a different show – not a continuation or another version of Sons of Anarchy but a more political and socially historical sort of show. I definitely have some interest in doing it. I’d like to explore it in some capacity.” Sutter added that it would be something that wouldn’t be explored until after Sons left the air, “and nobody on this stage would be with me.”

The prequel revelation came at the end of an SOA event that had to set an unofficial PaleyFest panel record for most number of times the word “fuck” and permutations of the word (“fucking,” “fucker,” “fuckin,” “fucked”) were uttered. The most memorable instance came when Sutter, flanked by his real-life wife Katie Sagal (who portrays Gemma on the show) responded to a question of why the character of Unser (played by Dayton Callie) was helping Gemma on the show. “Maybe it’s me,” he said, “but I assume everyone wants to fuck my wife.” This dovetailed with the question of why Sutter has been so unable to control his baser impulses over Twitter. “I’m so desperately in need of attention,” he admitted. “I was baffled by Twitter initially and now I understand the power of it. Obviously I tweet a lot of ridiculous things, sometimes just to amuse myself and sometimes to see how much trouble I can get into…I’m not really good one on one with people, but I’ve found the virtual relationship where I don’t have to see anyone to be fantastic. I can love you in 143 characters.”

A few other revelations during tonight’s SOA PaleyFest panel:

–The major arc for the forthcoming fifth season of SOA will surround the idea of having put Jax (star Charlie Hunnam) in charge “and the loyalties of it and where people land,” Sutter said. “The dynamic that will play out this season will see Jax at the head of the table and the struggles he has in being king. Basically, the question will be, ‘Can Jax be the leader of an organized crime family and not become Clay (Ron Perlman)?’”

–The role of a porn producer portrayed last season by guest star David Hasselhoff was originally written for rocker Steven Tyler. “But The Hoff wound up doing a great job after Steven became too busy to do it,” Sutter said.

–Despite her husband’s rebel image, Sagal called Sutter “a wonderful husband and a loving father…And having three children keeps us both not quite as self-obsessed about work as we’d like to be.” But Sutter added, “Clearly I love this gig. If it sucked and was a miserable experience, I’m sure we wouldn’t be having this conversation, because (my wife and I would) be divorced.”

–Sagal is relieved to no longer be typecast as Peg Bundy, her Married…With Children role for 11 seasons. “Peg gave me a career and I was truly grateful for it,” she said. “But when I did an arc on Lost, I had to go in and audition and fight my way in because so many people saw me as Peg.”