Los Angeles, CA – (March 12, 2011) — SeeFlik, the creator of online film competitions for emerging filmmakers to showcase their work, is bringing 20 short films from student filmmakers on Comcast’s Xfinity On Demand, XfinityTV.com and through the Xfinity TV app. The short films from the top 20 competition finalists, who participated in its online student film competition — The Competition 2011 – are available to 20 million Comcast’s Xfinity TV homes through March 31, 2012 as well as on http://www.seeFlik.com.

The 20 student film finalists (complete list below) were selected from more than 400 entries from more than 80 colleges and universities. The short films ranged from comedy, drama, thrillers and romance to social issues, current challenges, political satire and the comically absurd.

“Our competition gives emerging young artists a platform to reach many that may not have had the chance to see these engaging shorts,” said Lawrence R. Meli, CEO, Seeflik. “By expanding viewers’ access to these films on Xfinity TV, we hope to build awareness around how films – and our entertainment – continues to bridge cultures, peoples and understanding.”

Seeflik’s panel of esteemed-judges determined the 20-finalists based on script, production value and overall quality of content. Judges include Michael London (Sideways), Shane Black (Lethal Weapon), Angelo Pizzo (Hoosiers), Keir Pearson (Hotel Rwanda), Robert Kamen (Karate Kid) and Suzanne de Passe (Lonesome Dove) and Luis Guzman (How to Make it in America).

After narrowing down the field to 20-finalists, Seeflik will pay the top six finalists from a prize pool of $50,000, with the competition winners also getting the opportunity to be mentored by David Greenblatt in Los Angeles, who will set up showcases with talent agencies and studios on the winner’s behalf.

Seeflik’s Short Film Competition finalists are: The Man Who Cried (Bradley Jackson; UT Austin), Wash Me (Winston Titus Tao; Chapman University), Beholden (David Jibladze; Chapman University), The Line (Ken Bassett; Chapman University), Allen Mack (Cory Miller; UCLA), I Love You Will Smith (Bradley Jackson; UT Austin), Playing House (Mairin Hart; Chapman University), Cadet (Ryan Steiner; Arizona State University), Made in China (Kellen Moore; Chapman University), Roomies (Anthony Sclafani, Jr.: AFI), La Nina Del Desierta (Malachi Rempen; Chapman), Saturday Morning Gift (Bassel Al Shahade; Syracuse University), The Secret Life of Jonathan Sky (Kevin Slee; Chapman University), Umbrella Girl (Saeko Igarashi; UCLA), The Fixer (Nicholas Mihm; Arizona State University), Sombrero (Nathaniel Atcheson; Chapman University), Clemency (Joseph Albanese; Chapman University), Good Injuns (Christopher Meyers; Arizona State University), Degeneration (Gregory Rocco; CUNY Brooklyn College), Skip Brunette (Ryan Scura; Rhode Island School of Design).