CAA Lawsuit DiscriminationCAA was the lone remaining holdout in a class action lawsuit brought by TV writers. The suit was originally filed in 2002 and alleged intentional and unintentional age discrimination in the selection and representation of older writers. Today’s settlement doesn’t include cash payouts but “does provide for CAA to make a monetary contribution to the Television Writers Fund for the Future, to provide consulting services to the FFF, and to adopt a written non-discrimination policy applicable to CAA’s representation decisions and train its agents concerning the policy.” The agreement comes more than two years after 17 networks and studios and seven talent agencies today settled 19 of the 23 class action lawsuits. The amount of that settlement was $70 million, the largest-ever in the history of age discrimination litigation. In all, the suit named 51 defendants, including the major TV networks, production companies and 11 talent agencies.