Santa Monica, CA (March 15, 2012) … BermanBraun has closed a deal to acquire Whiskey Media, it was announced today by Gail Berman and Lloyd Braun of BermanBraun and Shelby Bonnie, Whiskey Media creator and CEO.

As part of this acquisition, BermanBraun will get three key sites of San Francisco-based Whiskey Media and acquire its content publishing platform. The three sites include the video entertainment-focused Screened, tech testing site Tested and Anime Vice, which covers anime and manga comics. The new Tested will become the Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage site and will go live later today (Hyneman and Savage are in a producing partnership with BermanBraun).

Created by CNET Founder Shelby Bonnie, Whiskey is a media and technology company based in San Francisco, which has created a next generation publishing, data and social tools platform. The Whiskey technology will allow BermanBraun Digital to more easily expand and create new sites and further enhance the user experience on all digital properties.