IGCB TV Schedule ABCt was hailed as a potential successor to Desperate Housewives and was launched behind the departing veteran dramedy. Now ABC’s midseason dramedy GCB will test drive Housewives‘ Sunday 9 PM time slot. On April 8, ABC will air two back-to-back originals of GCB, one at 9 PM and one at 10 PM, instead of the originally scheduled one in the show’s regular 10 PM slot. The tryout won’t be in a realistic environment as it will follow a Once Upon A Time rerun, but it will probably still inform ABC’s decision whether GCB would be a viable contender to replace Housewives next season. The network originally planned to have an original Housewives and GCB swap places for a night, but the idea didn’t come to pass because Housewives‘ recent episodes have dealt with a major plot development: the death of Mike Delfino (James Denton). The networks use the down spring time to experiment with scheduling moves. CBS is testing a two-hour comedy block on Thursday and The Mentalist on Friday.