Backstage at the BAFTAs, actor/director/writer Paddy Considine confirmed he is working to adapt Jon Hotten’s book on the world of professional body building, The Years Of The Locust. Hotten noted in a blog post last fall the writer/director of last year’s Tyrannosaur, which picked up a directing and special jury prize at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival (and a BAFTA tonight in London), was adapting the film version of novel. The Year Of The Locust is a true story of intrigue, paranoia, murder and money set in the South in the ’90s. The book centers on two characters. One is a sociopathic door-to-door sales king turned boxing promoter Rick “Elvis” Parker and the other his loyal, naive incorruptible fighter Tim Anderson. Paddy Considine’s also notes on his website that he’s writing a ghost story called The Leaning. A frequent collaborator with Shane Meadows, Considine’s acting roles In America, Dead Man’s Shoes as well as The Bourne Ultimatum.