BREAKING… UPDATE: (See video below) Sacha Baron Cohen Sacha Baron Cohen Ryan Seacrestjust strolled onto the Red Carpet wearing The Dictator‘s full military white uniform in character as General Alladeen from the Middle East Republic of Wadiya. Flanked by two gorgeous women in military mini-skirts, Baron Cohen appears to be holding a funereal urn. (Maybe containing the ashes of the Academy’s integrity?) Ryan Seacrest of E! played along and addressed Baron Cohen as “Dictator” to which sacha responded, “Hello. Death to the West!”

Seacrest asked whom he is wearing. “I’m wearing John Galliano but the socks are from KMart. Saddam Hussein once said to me, ‘Socks Sacha Baron Cohen Ashesare socks. Don’t waste money.” And, yes, that is a funereal urn which Sacha said contained his “dear friend” North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il. “It was his dream to come to the Oscars and to be sprinkled over the Red Carpet and over Halle Berry’s chest again.” (Too bad: Berry pulled out as an Oscars presenter today because of an injury that has her on crutches.)

With that, Baron Cohen opened the urn and ten spilled the ashes all over Seacrest’s Burberry tuxedo and shoes!

Immediately, security men (real or play-acting) pushed Baron Cohen away from Seacrest who didn’t looked amused. “It’s OK. Now if somebody asks you who you are wearing, you can say Kim Jung Il!”

Said the stunned Seacrest, who looked a mess, “I had a feeling he was up to something in some fashion or form. We’ll be right back…”

Here’s the official E! video. Text continues after the jump:

Sacha Baron Cohen and Ryan SeacrestThe Academy previously wouldn’t let the studios promote their upcoming movies. But Paramount is releasing The Dictator in May, and its paid marketing consultant is Tom Sherak — the Academy President. The Academy of Motion Picture “Arts & Zionists” — Baron Cohen’s description, not mine — tried to ban Baron Cohen and then relented in what many feel was a publicity stunt set-up. Sacha’s character in the film risks his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed. During this week’s runup, Baron Cohen’s shtick included touching the third rail of Jews and Hollywood. But Sacha’s Red Carpet punking of the Viscount Of Vapidity was priceless. Later, Seacrest said, “I figured he was either going to do that to me or George Clooney.”

UPDATE: “My mom always told me to pack two jackets for red carpets, always wondered why,” Seacrest tweeted. “Now I know.”

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