Look at the time stamp on Oprah Winfrey’s Tweet from last night: just when the Grammys were starting. As if she was going to convince any of her 9+ million Twitter followers to turn the dial away from CBS and one of the most watched awards shows ever to… Hey, does anyone even know where exactly OWN lives on the remote? Nah. Problem is, Winfrey’s ploy backfired. People started attacking her as pathetic and desperate. (“Unethical is a little harsh, don’t you think?” Oprah bleated back…) One big problem: TV types tell me that Nielsen makes its rated shows sign agreements that they won’t openly solicit Nielsen households. Especially during sweeps periods like now. So TV execs expect Nielsen not to issue a rating for last night’s OWN as a way of punishing Oprah going rogue. I think running OWN is punishment enough. It sucks.