NFL commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed during his annual state-of-the league address today that the league’s NFL Network will expand its primetime Thursday Night Football from eight to 13 games next season. Earlier this year, the league planned to shop an eight-game Thursday schedule to other networks, but the lockout slowed those ambitions. The new deal means all 32 teams will be shown in primetime next season — the NFL Network’s slate begins in Week 2 and goes through Week 15. Of course, not everyone will see those five new games — the network is still not carried on major providers Time Warner Cable and Cablevision thanks to disputes over carriage fees. “We’ll continue to work with them,” Goodell said Friday in Indianapolis, the site of Sunday’s Super Bowl. “We’ll continue to try to get an agreement. The market has spoken. The NFL Network’s here and it’s going to continue to grow.”

Additionally, Goodell said during his speech that he wasn’t a fan of seeing an existing team relocate to Los Angeles, the nation’s second-largest media market that hasn’t had a team since the mid-1990s. Competing plans are in the works to build an LA stadium for a new team — including one led by AEG that would be constructed downtown next to Staples Center and a revamped convention center. There’s been speculation that Jacksonville, Indianapolis, San Diego and even former LA residents the Rams and Raiders could be candidates to move. Goodell said that if L.A. started a new franchise, the league would want to add another to keep an even number of teams.