The home entertainment company was down 4.6% just prior to today’s closing bell — the first trading day since late Friday when Netflix revealed that its Q4 earnings weren’t as good as it said they were a few weeks ago. The company disclosed that it added a $9M expense to the quarter to settle a lawsuit alleging that it had violated customer privacy rights. With the additional outlay, Netflix says it generated earnings of 64 cents a share in the quarter — not the 73 cents it had reported. The number is still well ahead of the 53 cents that analysts expected. But it might not have resulted in the 22% stock price pop that Netflix saw the day after its filing. The settlement involved a complaint to a San Francisco court that Netflix had broken the law by keeping DVD rental and video streaming records of customers even after they cancelled the service, the AP says. The plaintiffs charged that Netflix had violated the federal Video Privacy Protection Act and California’s Customer Records Act and Unfair Competition Law. Despite the settlement, Netflix did not admit to any wrongdoing.