EXCLUSIVE: This is being spun two ways to me. Either ICM is dismantling its movie department under President and newly in charge of the entire agency Chris Silbermann who’s all about the TV biz. Or else the  agency is emerging from its civil strife by just doing some innocent housecleaning. Hmm. ICM is parting ways with three motion picture lit agents: Ava Jamshidi who came to ICM from APA several years ago, Nick Harris who came from Mosaic, and Aaron Hart who came from William Morris when that agency merged with Endeavor. The fact is these exitings follow the forced departure of independent film guru Hal Sadoff. And I’ve heard that right now pressure is being put on one very well known longtime ICM movie agent to move on. And the heads of more high-profile movie agents may be on the chopping block because they also weren’t Silbermann supporters in the coup d’etat against Chairman Jeff Berg. Silbermann’s camp simply explains that such moves are necessary as “we’re taking back the company and promoting the next generation of stars”. The agency tried for soft landings for this week’s trio by finding them other jobs “but in this economy it’s hard”.