EXCLUSIVE: Former EVP Music/Creative Marketing Glen Lajeski filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court today alleging breach of contract. It claims that he was terminated without warning or explanation by Walt Disney Pictures 2 years before his employment pact was due to expire and without providing him any opportunity to cure.

Lajeski began working for Disney in 1996 as VP of Music Marketing. Among his credits, he spearheaded the unexpected success of the Coen Brothers’ O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack which won Grammy and Country Music awards. He also had success with soundtracks for films like Coyote Ugly, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Dangerous Minds, and Armageddon. Lajeski’s lawsuit says that early success prompted top execs to request his services on music marketing for the animation and direct-to-video film divisions. That’s when his work on the Cars soundtrack went platinum. Soon Lajeski was responsible for “initiating a new system of coordination among all the divisions at Disney using music (including live action, music publishing, record labels, animation, ABC-TV, and Direct-To-Video) in order ti make communications between the divisions more efficient and cost effective and reducing unnecessary overlap between divisions. This initiative resulting in sigbnificant savings for Disney and has been studio-wide ever since.” Based on his continuing success, Lajeski was promoted to EVP and entered into the first of several multi-year employment agreements with Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture Production.

Lajeski’s most recent employment contract with Disney began on January 2, 2008 and wasn’t supposed to expire until January 1, 2013.