Last year’s $84.5M package made Dauman one of the highest paid CEOs in the U.S. — and a target for a lot of scorn. But much of his bonanza came from one-time stock awards. Without them he’s still a candidate to be one of the most richly compensated media execs in 2011, based on the data in Viacom’s just-filed proxy. For the fiscal year that ended in September, while Viacom stock was up 7.7%, Dauman’s compensation includes: salary of $3.5M (+33% vs last year), annual stock award of $10.2M (flat), $3.1M in one-time stock (-90.1%), $6.0M in annual option award (flat), and $20M in non-equity incentive compensation (+77.8%). His perks included $232,000 for personal use of Viacom’s aircraft, and $15,000 for car service. Dauman’s package accounted for 39.5% of the compensation that Viacom awarded to its top five execs. His lieutenant, COO Tom Dooley, came in second with $34.1M (-47.3% without one-time stock) — equal to 31.2% of the total for the top five. Viacom said that the duo “executed on key operational goals such as strengthening relationships with key partners, increasing the Company’s investment in  content as well as cost-effectiveness in our operations, building our international operations and returning capital to our stockholders while  maintaining a solid financial position.” Viacom also praised them for achieving  “strong financial results while continuing to navigate economic challenges and positioning the Company well for the future.” Chairman Sumner Redstone, who controls the company, made $21M (+40%).  The proxy says that Viacom will hold its annual shareholder meeting on March 8 in New York.