Diane Haithman is contributing to Deadline’s TCA coverage.

It’s rare that a new TV show is more notable for what it replaces than for itself, but such is the case with ABC’s The Revolution. The daily inspirational makeover program replaces the long-running One Life To Live, and the soap’s die-hard fans are militantly unhappy. At today’s TCA, the first question to the Revolution panel was about how the show would deal with the backlash and keep the angry fans from switching over to NBC’s daytime drama  Days Of Our Lives, which airs against The Revolution. “We can’t replace that show, but what we offer is something different,” said co-host Ty Pennington, the resident design expert whose long-running reality series Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was also recently canceled by ABC. “Extreme Makeover was a show that got canceled too, and that was something that was really, really special to me. It’s about change, and The Revolution is certainly about change.”

Said Revolution executive producer JD Roth after the panel, “I would love to have [One Life To Live stars] on the show. I have so much respect for that part of the history of television — how many shows have been on the air for 40 years?  My mom watches it, my mother in law watches it. I love the genre in general.” But, he added: “I make TV shows, I don’t program them. I wanted to make a great TV show, and in the end I hope the shows we make will still inspire people. That’s really the goal.” The Revolution is the second lifestyle program to replace a departing ABC soap. In September, The Chew took over All My Children and has been doing well in the ratings.