Nikki Finke: Why Ricky Gervais Stunk Tonight

Ray Richmond is contributing to Deadline’s Golden Globes coverage.

Ricky Gervais, Golden GlobesDeadline caught up with Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais at the HBO afterparty, where he was just sitting down to a post-ceremony cocktail.

DEADLINE: So how do you think it went this time? Better than a year ago?
GERVAIS: Oh much. The crowd was with me this time. They went where I went. It’s like they were ready for me this time and it felt pitch-perfect.

DEADLINE: What happened when you wound up saying “Fucking” during the show. What was that all about? Was that your way of getting back at the HFPA?
GERVAIS: Oh no no no. The censors knew it was coming. That was planned.

DEADLINE: So do you think we’ll see you back for another year of hosting the Golden Globes?
GERVAIS: No. I’m really done this time. It’s enough. Three is plenty — at least that’s what Charlie Sheen told me.

(Photo: Getty Images)