UPDATE: Talk about advance planning. A handful of IMAX theaters that screened the special 6-minute prologue for The Dark Knight Rises with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol thought it would be a good idea to sell TDKR/IMAX 12:01 AM opening night tickets. According to a Warner Bros exec, advance ticket sales are left to the discretion of the theaters. The result? Thursday July 19 midnight shows for The Dark Knight Rises: The IMAX Experience have already sold out at New York’s AMC Loews Lincoln Square theater. The AMC Loews Universal City cineplex in Los Angeles has sold out all seats and all but two wheelchair slots, according to seating charts for advance sales via Fandango. No additional screenings have been scheduled yet. Tickets for the time being are still available for the 12:01 AM July 19 show at the Rave IMAX at Howard Hughes Center on LA’s Westside. Likewise at the Metreon in San Francisco. Tickets for non-IMAX versions of The Dark Knight Rises do not appear to be on sale yet — anywhere. Initially reported on /Film, the limited advance IMAX sales weren’t advertised except possibly at the individual theaters. Neither IMAX, AMC or the online ticket vendors Fandango or MovieTickets.com are promoting ticket sales for The Dark Knight Rises: The IMAX Experience on their home pages. The one thing these locations have in common is they are equipped with supersize 70mm film projection as opposed to digital IMAX.