ABC News’ Republican presidential debate in New Hampshire last night averaged 6.25 million total viewers, 1.4 million of them in the 28-49 demographic and 1.73 million in 25-54. That was good enough for third place among the GOP debates so far this campaign behind the two most recent ones: ABC News’ December 10 debate (7.57 million total viewers) and Fox News’ December 15 debate (6.71 million). ABC points out that last night’s debate, anchored by Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos, aired against the late NFL wildcard game, which pitted Detroit vs. New Orleans. Here is a list of all GOP debates this season ranked by total viewers.

Net             Date           Day           Total Viewers

ABC            12/10/11     Saturday     7.57 million

Fox News    12/15/11     Thursday     6.71 million

ABC            1/7/12      Saturday    6.25 million

Fox News     9/22/11      Thursday     6.11 million

CNN             10/18/11    Tuesday      5.50 million

MSNBC         9/7/11       Wednesday  5.41 million

CBS             11/12/11    Saturday     5.29 million

Fox News      8/11/11     Thursday     5.05 million

CNN              9/12/11     Monday       3.61 million

CNBC           11/9/11      Wednesday 3.33 million

Fox News      5/5/11       Thursday     3.26 million

CNN             6/13/11      Monday       3.12 million