Ricky Gervais: “I’m Really Done This Time” Hosting The Golden Globes; Nikki Finke: Why Ricky Gervais Stunk

If it was up to NBC alone, the network would probably have Ricky Gervais host the Golden Globes again next year. Speaking at NBC Universal’s afterparty, Paul Telegdy, NBC’s president of alternative and late night, who oversees the Golden Globes, gave Gervais thumbs-up for his hosting duties tonight. “I think he scored,” Telegdy said. “It’s an incredibly bold and brave thing to take on a hosting job and do it for three consecutive years while facing such level of scrutiny. He came out, he was himself, he had a great time and he was backed by the biggest stars. I laughed heartily throughout.”

Telegdy dismissed suggestions that Gervais was tamer in his jabs at Hollywood heavyweights this year compared to his controversial hosting gig last year. “I believe people were prepared after last year, but I would say that he was as disruptive and intrusive this year. I can’t see how he could have been more outrageous.” As for the content of Gervais’ bits, Telegdy said that he only knew the broad themes, with Gervais keeping his material to himself until showtime. Telegdy said he was not aware of any conditions made to Gervais in terms of limitations to what he could say onstage though there was “common courtesy” implied. “When you get invited to someone’s  house, you pay attention to who the owner is and don’t scribble graffiti on the wall,” Telegdy said, adding that there have been “no qualms” over Gervais’ performance.

Regarding Gervais’ comments to Deadline after the show that he is “really done” hosting the Golden Globes after 3 times, Telegdy stressed that it is Gervais’ decision to make (if HFPA invites him) but added, “We would welcome him back. He is a gentleman and a scholar, I was greatly impressed by him as a host and have totally enjoyed working with him. I’m also a great believer that the only word that should be unspoken in the entertainment business is ‘never’.”

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