It doesn’t seem to matter that Disney’s stock price was down slightly during the fiscal year for which the CEO was paid. His package, disclosed in a just-filed proxy statement, includes a $2M salary (same as in 2010), $8.1M in stock awards (+10.1%), $4.8M in option awards (+9.1%), $15.5M in incentive compensation (+15.2%), and additional pension value of $2.1M (+29.4%). The company says that he deserves the bump because Disney “achieved record net income, revenue and earnings per share in fiscal 2011, with net income increasing 21%, revenue increasing 7% and earnings per share, excluding the impact of items that affected comparability between the years, increasing 23% over fiscal 2010.” The board seems to believe that Iger deserves most of the credit: His compensation accounts for about 56% of the total paid for the top five honchos listed in the SEC filing — and the four under Iger collectively made about the same as they did in 2010. The second-highest-paid exec, CFO Jay Rasulo, was far behind the CEO with $11.1M in compensation, up 5.1%. Iger’s package includes $371,439 for personal air travel and $561,303 in security expenses. In addition to the compensation info, Disney said it will hold its annual shareholder meeting March 13 in Kansas City, Mo.