Los Angeles – DGA President Taylor Hackford today announced the results of a series of elections that took place at yesterday’s National Board Meeting. Former DGA President Michael Apted, who had been appointed to fill the position of Secretary-Treasurer when Gil Cates passed away last fall, was elected Secretary-Treasurer by the DGA’s National Board of Directors at the regularly-scheduled board meeting yesterday. Board Alternate Jon Favreau was elected to fill Apted’s board seat, and Todd Holland was elected to fill Favreau’s alternate board seat. After many years of Guild service, Ed Sherin, who was named DGA Honorary Life Member at Saturday’s DGA Awards, announced that he was resigning his seat on the National Board. Sherin served as National Vice President, Second Vice President and National Board Member for many years and dedicated himself to protecting and advocating on behalf of his fellow DGA members, especially those based on the East Coast. Jace Alexander was elected to fill his board seat.
A complete list of DGA Officers and Board Members follows.

Taylor Hackford

National Vice-President
Steven Soderbergh

Michael Apted

Assistant Secretary-Treasurer
Scott Berger

First Vice-President
Paris Barclay

Second Vice-President
William M. Brady

Third Vice-President
Betty Thomas

Fourth Vice-President
Gary Donatelli

Fifth Vice-President
Thomas Schlamme

Sixth Vice-President
Vincent Misiano

Board Members
Jace Alexander
Kathryn Bigelow
Jon Favreau
Stephen Glanzrock
Lesli Linka Glatter
Cleve Landsberg
Michael Mann
Donald Petrie
Scott L. Rindenow
Liz Ryan
Jesus Treviño

Associate Board Members
Alan B. Curtiss
Duncan S. Henderson
Dennis W. Mazzocco
Barbara Roche
Mary Rae Thewlis
Alternate Board Members
Laura Belsey
Theodore Bogosian
Victoria Hochberg
Rod Holcomb
Todd Holland
Jeremy Kagan
Randal Kleiser
Linda Laundra
Garry Marshall
Oz Scott
Millicent Shelton
Michael Zinberg

Second Alternate Board Members
Lee Blaine
Timothy G. Engle
Julie Gelfand
Kathleen McGill
Jennie O’Keefe
Joyce Thomas