The British Film Institute is touting its recent contribution to independent cinema with news that over the past nine months, its Film Fund has awarded more than £13.2 million in Lottery funding to a slate of 20 films. Among the films funded since April are Mike Newell’s take on Dickens’ Great Expectations with Helena Bonham Carter, Jonathan Glazer’s Under The Skin with Scarlett Johansson, Sophie Fiennes’ documentary The Pervert’s Guide To Ideology, Sally Potter’s Bomb with Elle Fanning, and Martin McDonagh’s Seven Psychopaths. The information comes on the heels of last week’s headline-grabbing review of UK film policy that suggests the BFI’s recoupment strategy be modified with a view to returns on successful films going back to the producer for use on future projects. When the report was released, the BFI said it looked forward to considering the recommendations that would “help inform and define the BFI’s forward plan in support of the whole film sector.” In a statement today, Amanda Nevill, CEO of the BFI said: “We’re delighted to be part of such a wide range of dynamic new British films. One of the most exciting things about the BFI’s Film Fund is that we can support talented new filmmakers making their first features, and help some of the UK’s most well known and respected directors create ambitious, large scale films. This remarkable breadth of inspiring films offers such an exciting proposition for audiences, and this is just the beginning.” Following is the list of films to receive coin (and how much) since April:

Last Days On Mars (aka The Animators), dir: Ruairi Robinson
Qwerty Films Ltd

Blood (aka Conviction), dir: Nick Murphy
Neal Street Productions, Red Production Company

Bomb, dir: Sally Potter
Adventure Pictures Ltd

Mister John, dir: Christine Molloy and Joe Lawlor
Desperate Optimists Productions Ltd

Spike Island, dir: Mat Whitecross
Fiesta Productions

Smash And Grab: The Story Of The Pink Panthers, dir: Havana Marking
Roast Beef Productions

This Is London, dir: Julien Temple
B&W Films Ltd

Seven Psychopaths, dir: Martin McDonagh
Blueprint Pictures

Broken, dir: Rufus Norris
Cuba Pictures Limited

Fast Girls, dir: Regan Hall
DJ Films

Great Expectations, dir: Mike Newell
Number 9 Films

Sightseers, dir: Ben Wheatley
Big Talk Pictures/Rook Films

Swandown, dir: Andrew Kötting
Fly Film Company

Last Passenger, dir: Omid Nooshin
NDF International

The Story Of Film: An Odyssey, dir: Mark Cousins
Hopscotch Films

Under The Skin, dir: Jonathan Glazer
Modern Films Ltd

Welcome To The Punch, dir: Eran Creevy
Beat Films Ltd

StreetDance 2 3D, dir: Max Giwa and Dania Pasquini
Vertigo Films

The Pervert’s Guide To Ideology, dir: Sophie Fiennes
P Guide Productions and Blinder Films

Shadow Dancer, dir: James Marsh
Unanimous Entertainment and Element Films