A U.S. District judge in Seattle last month ordered the anonymous actress suing IMDb for age discrimination to use her name on the lawsuit — or it couldn’t go forward. So today, Huong Hoang (pictured) who acts using the stage name Junie Hoang, amended and refiled the $1 million suit using her real name. Hoang originally sued IMDb and parent company Amazon as Jane Doe, alleging that the popular online film and TV database posted her age (40) on the site without her permission, after which time offers for younger roles decreased in frequency (her posted resume on the site says she can play ages 26-33). The lawsuit spurred reaction from Hollywood guilds, who took up Huong’s fight as an example of age discrimination for actors in the entertainment industry. IMDb and Amazon eventually denied any wrongdoing, and the Seattle judge said the complaint couldn’t go forward without a legal name on it. Hoang — whose credits include the film Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver, a role as a nurse on the reality TV series I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant as well as commercials and industrial videos — is suing for breach of contract and invasion of privacy.