Euronews, formed in 1993, calls itself Europe’s “most watched international news channel.” It has 400 journalists in more than 25 countries and reaches 350M homes in 155 countries. ABC and Euronews say that they will produce exclusive content for each other and share resources on major events including the upcoming elections in the United States, France, Germany Italy, and Russia.

Here’s the release

Lyon, France / Washington, USA – 19 January 2012 – Under the agreement, ABC News correspondents, experts and anchors, including ABC News Global Affairs Anchor Christiane Amanpour, will provide regular analysis of US politics and others news events exclusively for Euronews in a series of interviews and two-ways.

In return, Euronews will provide ABC News exclusive current and breaking news on European affairs and coverage of upcoming European elections. Euronews will also make available to ABC News exclusive news footage from news events it is covering internationally.

Euronews will tap the vast resources of ABC News’ NewsOne, its domestic and international news service, for live and taped news footage from ABC News and its US affiliates.

For the upcoming elections in the United States, France, Germany Italy, and Russia each news organization will share information and content to serve their audiences in America and Europe.

Euronews will also open its new American bureau within the ABC News One Headquarters in Washington, DC. This agreement is part of Euronews’ strategy of international expansion and original content production.

Lucian Sârb, Euronews Director of News and Programmes said about the cooperation: “The Euronews – ABC cooperation is the perfect media fit for the current news agenda on both sides of the Atlantic. It is a collaboration that will maximize breaking news, high value reports and exclusive content on air and on line.

“Wide-ranging views from Europe and the United States bring a global and deeper understanding of what is at stake in 2012 on economic, social and political issues. With this partnership we open a new window on the most significant affairs in 2012 from US, French and Russian elections to more global challenges. All this to the benefit of our viewers around the world.”