EXCLUSIVE: The UK-based Independent Talent group of companies has formed Black Label Productions, a joint venture company between Duncan Heath’s Independent Talent Brands, Oliver Hicks and Dom Freeman. The venture is a London-based commercials production company that will plug feature helmers into into commercial campaigns. The Black Label stable includes Matthew Vaughn, Martin Campbell, Rupert Wyatt, John Cameron Mitchell, Ben Gutteridge, Saint & Mather, Tim Pope, Ruairi Robinson, Julien Temple, Pete Travis and Malcolm Venville, Johan Renck. Black Label reps Venville, Renck and Campbell in the UK only.

“Black Label will provide a creative outlet for film directors to explore their talent in an alternative medium,” said Independent Talent chairman Heath.  ‘’Because commercial spots have evolved in recent years, with the advent of new technology and the concept of short film campaigns, directors can really play in this arena with innovative results.”  Black Label kicks-off with a duo of campaigns directed by James Cameron Mitchell for the Dior fragrance Poison, starring French actress Melanie Laurent, and Christian Dior Couture, which stars Marion Cotillard.