Jeff Kwatinetz’s Prospect Park has sold 3 more series projects to USA, Fox and ABC Family. That brings the total number of shows the company has set up this year to 18. Prospect Parks’ latest projects, which have received scripted commitments, are all produced by Universal Cable Prods., extending the two companies’ existing relationship as co-producers of USA’s hit series Royal Pains. To complete the reunion, Prospect Park/UCP’ ABC Family project, a father-daughter drama set in the Governor’s office, is executive produced by Royal Pains co-creator/exec producer Andrew Lenchewski who has an overall deal with UCP. Prospect Park’s project for USA is an untitled action procedural  from John Scott Shepherd (Life Or Something Like It). At Fox, the company has Home Court, a half-hour comedy from Frasier alum Saladin Patterson, who serves as a co-executive producer on UCP’s dramedy for USA Psych. This is UCP’s fourth script sale to Fox this season, along with Jason Tracey/Hypnotic’s Metropolitan, Zaken & Baxter/Hypnotic’s One Great Life; and a blind script by Laurie Silverstein. Here are descriptions of Prospect Park’s projects with UCP:

Untitled John Scott Shepherd

Writer: John Scott Shepherd (CAA)

Executive Producers: Jeff Kwatinetz, Josh Barry

One-hour action procedural that explores “what it means to be a man” as gender roles are redefined at warp speed: When recently divorced, laid back, stay-at-home dad Carter Mann finds himself and his two teenage sons on the brink of losing their home, he’s forced to give up the yoga classes, Crocs, and carpool duty and return to his previous career as a vice cop. But here’s the twist: Carter wasn’t just any cop; he was a legendary badass who still holds the record for Perps Dangled out Windows by Their Ankles. His violent ways got him remanded to intensive therapy and anger management, resulting in this softer version of him, which is the only version his sons have ever known. Now Carter has to find the man between Dirty Harry and Yoga Boy as he reloads, hits the beat, dives back into the dating pool and struggles to be the dad, mentor, and role model his sons so desperately need.

Home Court

Writer: Saladin Patterson (CAA)

Executive Producers: Jeff Kwatinetz, Josh Barry, Rob Carliner

Home Court is a half-hour family comedy that explores what happens when the “haves” and the “have-nots” all live under the same roof. Afraid that he’s spoiling his over-privileged children, wealthy pro basketball star and single father Darius Nix decides to move his kids into his sister Tracey’s modest house in the multi-cultural working class community on the other side of town. Tracey and her husband will comically struggle to give the kids a more down-to-earth upbringing, but in order to do so the kids will have to trade in their platinum cards for public school meals, and their housekeepers for housework.  Let the battles begin.

Lucy’s Bluff

Writer: Aaron Tracy (CAA)

Executive Producers: Jeff Kwatinetz, Paul Frank, Rich Frank, Andrew Lenchewski

Lucy’s Bluff is a one hour drama that follows a powerful governor who falls ill and asks his estranged daughter to return home from college to secretly run the state and convince the public that her father is still in charge.