EXCLUSIVE: Sources tell me that, with this round of movie openings, it’s become clear who’s on top and who’s not as far as North American market share for the year 2011. While officially the period doesn’t end until January 2nd, 2012, the major Hollywood studios already know who has bragging rights:

1. Paramount – projected $1.9B

With Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and The Adventures Of Tintin about to open wide, the studio should reach $1.9B domestic. Right now the studio is about $100 million ahead of Warner Bros which usually takes the coveted title. And WB released about half a dozen more movies than Paramount did this year. Granted, Paramount mostly distributed rather than owned most of the film fare that put it in first place. But No. 1 is still No. 1.

2. Warner Bros – projected $1.8B

For the first time in three straight years, the studio won’t be #1 in domestic market share. On the other hand Warner Bros has ranked either one or two domestically for eight of the last 11 years. The underperformance of Sherlock Holmes 2 means WB won’t catch Paramount.

3. Sony Pictures – projected $1.3B

The studio still has The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo opening this week.

4. Disney – projected $1.2B

The studio still has Steven Spielberg’s War Horse opening next Sunday but The Muppets is running out of gas.

5. Universal – projected $1B

The studio has run out of pics and, with the exception of Bridesmaids and Fast And Furious, will be glad to see 2011 end.

6. Fox – projected $950M

Despite having Alvin And The Chipmunks 3 and We Bought A Zoo still to come, Fox is in last place. Another studio glad to see 2011 in the rear-view mirror.