Former World News executive producer Jon Banner has been named executive producer of This Week effective Jan. 8 when George Stephanopoulos returns as host of the weekly political talk show while continuing his duties as anchor of Good Morning America. Banner stepped down as EP of World News in September when he was named Senior Executive Producer for ABC News, overseeing special projects.

Rick Kaplan, who served as executive producer of This Week with Christiane Amanpour, will focus on election coverage, including shepherding ABC News’ New Hampshire debate on Jan. 7. Kaplan worked on This Week for the past 8 months, returning to ABC News after a four-year run as executive producer of CBS Evening News With Katie Couric. The announcement comes 3 days after Amanpour signed off as anchor of This Week on Sunday. Here is ABC News President Ben Sherwood’s staff email about the change:

I’ve asked Jon Banner to expand his duties as Senior Executive Producer for division wide initiatives and become Executive Producer of This Week, effective 1/8.

I’m very grateful to Jon for stepping into this important role in a pivotal election year.

Jon and George have a long history working together. They share an editorial vision for the broadcast and when they teamed up last they steadily expanded the program’s audience.

As partners again, I am confident they will produce excellent results.

At this moment of change, I want to thank Rick Kaplan for his leadership on This Week over the past eight months.  Rick returned to ABC to work closely with Christiane and, as we transition anchors, it’s a sensible time to make this move.

On Saturday 1/7, Rick will again take the lead on ABC’s New Hampshire debate.  Working with so many of you in Iowa a few weeks ago, Rick expertly orchestrated the number one GOP debate of the year.  The timing of next weekend’s showdown comes at an even more crucial moment.

Beyond these debates, Rick will take on other big projects and continue to offer a critical voice in our news and election coverage.  All of us benefit from Rick’s vast knowledge, legendary showmanship and incisive news judgment.