Five New TV Stations Debut In South Korea
Five new TV stations went on the air Thursday in South Korea bringing the number of South Korean broadcasters to nine. The government still owns three. The fifth new channel will show only news programs. The privately owned stations’ establishment is the result of President Lee Myung-bak’s effort to loosen the government’s grip on the media industry. Lee initially planned to sell two of the three government-owned TV stations to newspapers or other private owners. But workers at the stations, their unions and opposition party politicians balked. Instead, in a July 2009 vote marred by fist-fights, the National Assembly passed legislation to allow other news organizations to start new stations. The government awarded stations to four newspapers — three of which support Lee’s conservative government — and the Yonhap news agency. 

ITV Pairs With Producers For New Shingle
Camilla Campbell and Robert Wulff-Cochrane are partnering with ITV Studios in a new production company, Noho Film and TV. Campbell and Wulff-Cochrane have run the drama department of Britain’s Channel 4 for the past 2 years. Between them, they have 15 BAFTAs. The duo will begin development on new projects for Noho in the first semester of 2012 with an initial focus on scripted drama for young adult audiences. ITV is looking to augment its drama output and quickly get Noho up and running with a loaded production slate.

Odeon’s Lounge To Open In 2012
Odeon is to premiere the UK’s first luxury cinema, The Lounge, at the Odeon Whiteleys site in London. The old Whiteleys Odeon cinema (as I learned last week when I wanted to see a film) is under re-construction as it adds the high-end state of the art five-plex. There are plans for leather recliners with extendable leg rests, seat-side gourmet meal service (there’s a call button on the chairs to summon your waiter) and exclusive features like an on-site concierge and private bar and functions facilities “featuring highly trained waitress staff,” according to the exhibitor. The revamped moviehouse is to open in January 2012.

Another Arrest In UK Phone Hacking Scandal
A British woman has been arrested in conjunction with the ongoing investigation into alleged wrongdoing at the News Of The World. According to Wall Street Journal sources, the woman is a former NOTW reporter who is suspected of illegally intercepting voice-mail messages. She was released without charge yesterday afternoon. The woman is believed to currently work as a university professor in media and journalism.