EXCLUSIVE: Ed Asner is upgrading his status on Hawaii Five-0 from a guest star to recurring. In a very unusual series guest arc spanning 36 years, the multiple Emmy winner will guest star on CBSHawaii Five-0 reboot in the spring, reprising the role of August March, which he played in an episode of the original series in 1975.

In a first for the new Hawaii Five-0, footage from the original series will be featured in Asner’s episode. It will be from the actor’s first Hawaii Five-0 appearance in an 1975 episode titled Wooden Model Of A Rat, in which August March (Asner) was an up-and-coming world class smuggler. Now a reformed man after serving 30 years in prison for murder, March lives on O’ahu and is approached by the Five-0 to assist on a smuggling case. “It is thrilling to, for the first time, merge the original Hawaii Five-0 and our new show by having the classic, versatile and award-winning actor Ed Asner reprise his role of August March, a character Mr. Asner first played 36 years ago,” Hawaii Five-0 executive producer/showrunner Peter Lenkov said. “There is no better way to form a bridge between our reboot and the original series.”